Children and Reading -- Part 1: Choices

When I worked in the elementary school library, parents would complain that their children didn't like to read, or that they would only read graphic novels, or would only read non-fiction, or would only read magazines.  I like a discerning reader as much as the next book lover, but let's keep our eye on the goal.  The goal is reading. My own children's choices in reading material was not always stellar.  One liked Rainbow Brite and the other liked to read the Sesame Street Dictionary, but guess what?  They are both excellent readers and writers as adults. And be honest, now.  Don't we like our People Magazine,  50 Shades, sports pages?  Of course we do. And we are reading.  Hopefully, we choose to read more lofty, well-written materials as well.  Let's not expect more of our children than we expect of ourselves.   So, I say -- let the kids read what interests them.  You may be sick of Captain Underpants, but they aren't.  Okay, Mom & Dad:  No eye-rolling,  sighing, or disapproving crabby faces.  Smile and be happy for your budding readers.   Let them indulge in reading for their pleasure, and you will have another life-long reader in the family.