About Ms. Hen

Ms. Hen has been writing children’s and non-fiction books since 2011 when she began to annually attend the Iowa Writers’ Summer Festival.

 About Lottie Gunderson, Girl ScientistMs. Hen says, “Girls can be anything: scientists, mathematicians, astronauts. Girls are so much more than glittery princesses or silly fairies; they are self-reliant problem-solvers.”

John Ball is a biography of West Michigan pioneer who donated the land for the Grand Rapids, Michigan park and zoo that bears his name. You know those games where you're supposed to name someone you'd like to have dinner with? Now Ms. Hen says she would pick the amazing John Ball.

Let's Explore Mackinac Island, includes history, highlights, travel tips, a walking tour, a quiz, and many illustrations including photos and maps. Kids can use it for school reports; families planning a trip will find it invaluable with all the information compiled into one handy book.

Ms. Hen lives in Michigan, the Mitten State. She has two grown children, two grandchildren, and two kitties. Her favorite color is orange and she loves to travel.